He Broke Up With Me Because I Don’t Allow Him Spend Money On ………..

Actress Bewaji reveals why she was dumped by her ex .
A Nigerian actress, Bewaji Folashade, has shared interesting details of her past relationship – According to the lady, her relationship ended because she was an independent woman who never asked for monetary assistance from her man – Bewaji stated that the ex will call her a ‘man’ and complained of her not needing him While many men detest ‘gold diggers’ and are quick to drag any lady who demands money from them , it appears there are some men at the opposite end of the spectrum, who basically feel inadequate when their woman doesn’t ask them for money.

Nigerian actress Bewaji Folashade recently shared a post in which she detailed how one of her relationship came to an end because she was independent and caring. In her posts, Folashade had stated that she never asked her man for money or gifts and did so only because she had seen a text that showed that he catered for his family. Her choice to never ask for money also came from the fact that she could handle things on her own and thought she could relieve her man of the burden instead of being another mouth for him to feed.

Rather than be grateful, the young man felt inadequate and resorted to calling her a ‘man’ for not being need. He also went ahead to cut off the relationship..

Years later, he messaged her to check on her and she somehow revealed why she never asked him for money. Noticing that he had lost a good one, he tried to get her back but she declined and told him she had moved on.
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